Sunshine Coast The 6th wonder of our world

August 2022
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Sunshine Coast


Kowie River Festival (30 May 2015)

Bathurst Country Fair  (8-9 August 2015)


The Sunshine Coast has more sunshine hours per year than any other part of South Africa. The true beauty of the area lies within its small yet significant towns, their stunning beaches and river banks and the warm-hearted people which reside in them. With plenty of charm, sun-drenched beaches, warm waters and quaint seaside villages, the Sunshine Coast makes a popular holiday destination. The sea-side towns in this area make for the most beautiful sightseeing opportunities as you watch the whales and dolphins play in the sparkling ocean and the Big 7 roam their natural habitat.


Visit Alexandria where you can see the largest active dunefields in the world, or Bathurst which is home to the great pineapple which stands at 16.7 metres high.  The Sunshine Coast is filled with rivers and beautiful beaches which add to the relaxed appeal of the area. Enjoy the beauty of the slow flowing water and the gentle lapping of the waves as you take in the splendid surroundings under the glorious South African sun.


Other towns in the Sunshine Coast area are Boknes, Bushmans River, Cannon Rocks, Kasouga, Kenton-on-Sea, Kleinemonde and Port Alfred. Bask in the sunshine and splendour of each of these towns as you soak up an area which is bursting with life and the vivid colours of the magnificent natural vegetation and richness of the water, which will inspire and invigorate you.


The area boasts a wide variety of water sports, such as surfing, canoeing, skiing and an annual power boat race. The ocean and rivers provide the ideal scene for these action-packed sports with the beauty of nature as the perfect backdrop. Other activities for the adventurous include beach sports, fishing, golf, hiking trails, mountain biking and horse safaris.


The area is filled with historical landmarks and interesting stories of the past. Every area of the Sunshine Coast is beautiful, and perfect for relaxation and reflection.  With miles of sun-drenched coastline, warm sparkling ocean and unspoiled beaches - the Sunshine Coast will enchant, entice and excite all who visit the area.

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